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Excessive CPU temperature is a very common situation for PCs / laptops today, causing quite a lot of troubles and concerns about the life of the computer for users. The most obvious sign of identifying an overheating CPU is that the device automatically switches off after running a heavy application or game.
Artificial Intelligence (Articial Intelligence - AI) is replacing people who perform dangerous manual jobs or work in environments that are harmful to health. Machine Learning (ML) is allowing the software to make more accurate predictions based on specific performance indicators. Unsurprisingly, artificial intelligence and intelligent machine learning are used alone or in combination in many industries today.
As you know, the latest version of Windows is now 10. Launched 4 years ago on July 29, 2015. After the failure of Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows users around the world now is losing faith in the next version but Windows 10 is completely different, it is almost a total makeover and brings unexpected benefits. If you are in doubt, the following 5 reasons will make you want to upgrade right away:
You may be a victim of identity theft if you do not know what is happening, it is quite easy to know if you were stolen in real life when you discovered a wallet without wings and flew, but to Knowing if you are a victim in the online world is not easy, because there may be no specific evidence.


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